All Canadian Wine Championships(ACWC)

All Canadian Wine Championships(ACWC)

What is ACWC?

All Canadian Wine Championships(ACWC) established in 1981, the competition has followed the progress of Canadian wine industry from its infancy to where it stands today—vibrant and full of promise.

This year’s judging will mark thirty-four years of critiquing Canadian wines, by an esteemed panel of approximately fourteen wine writers, sommeliers and accredited wine judges, from coast to coast and beyond.

Wines are submitted, sorted by category, price and sugar, wrapped, and then assigned to the panel for assessment. ACWC's entries are scored using the 100 point scale, examined for sensory components, varietal character, and structural soundness.

The success of Isabella Winery stems founder's vision of making outstanding Canadian Wine, and they emphasize that strong teamwork has been a key to their achievements in both the Domestic and International market.

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