The mention of Canada, had brought the icewines. A lot of people who traveled to Canda like to buy icewines as presents for their family or friends. Even though icewines are originated in Germany, but because of the unique weather conditions, grapes can be planted in large area and generalized.


Isabella Winery has been working on Canadian icewines' brewing and generalization. The take everything seriously, rigorously, to seek for excellence to make the world-famous icewines.


When we are making icewines, the quantity of grapes we need is much more than the orginal grapes. That's why we bought 210 acres of land in the famous wine region - Okanagan, BC to plant grapes for making icewines.

在冰酒釀制中,釀制冰酒的葡萄是普通葡萄酒的數倍以上,于是在BC省著名的葡萄産區Okanagan 河谷,伊莎貝拉酒莊購買了210英畝的土地開始專門種植葡萄,以用來釀制冰酒。

The main building of the winery is a wooden house that takes about 5000 sq ft, ancient but generous, makes you feel like you are in a primeval forest.


The building has a medal room which is used to place all the medals and certificates we got. Besides that, there's also a reception room and a tasting room. You can taste our satisfactory work - icewines here.

建築內部同時設有獎牌室,用于陳列數年來所得的獎牌與證書。另外還有Reception Room及 tasting room。讓你可以立刻品嘗到酒莊的得意之作-冰酒。